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Keith Jennings: And that’s what sets Pat apart. He ministers rather than administers. He doesn’t church men into a mold. He molds men into a church.

Scott McLain: Pat took a personal and intentional interest in me, helping me to understand the need for discipleship, and helping me along my walk with Christ.

Forrest Cate: The concepts Pat has shared with us will help us provide a context for our ministry teams that we have been searching for over the past several years.

Rev. Matt Rich: Pat has been a tremendous help to me and to our lay leaders-giving us some breathing space and helping us bring focus to our men's ministry initiatives.

Gil Hearn: Your commitment is refreshing. Your dedication is amazing. I appreciate your openness to listen to and respond to God's promptings.

Rev. Adam C. Bowling: I pray that God will continue to use Pat, and MAC Ministries, to bring men into a deeper relationship with Him -- the fruit of this ministry has certainly flourished here in Morganton, N.C.

Scott Patman: I thank God for Pat and the other men of my church who were a part of a great weekend of renewal. May we all walk daily to be closer to God.

Matt Allen: Pat took a lot of time to get to know me, to listen to me, and then to spend time in God’s word and in prayer regarding my many struggles and failures.

Joe Cheak:
Pat and his ministry has set this ministry on the path of bringing men as disciples for Jesus.  We thank God for blessing us with Pat.

Rev. Keith Hill: (Pat) is the right man in the right place at the right time.  And if you’ve been around the church for any length of time, then you know that that’s not an automatic. 

Tom King: In our meetings, Pat listened, advised and encouraged me with direction.  Pat helped me as I had to make plans in recruiting men and empowering a leadership team.

Perry Lamb:
Now that my relationship with the Lord can continue, and with Pat’s help, I’m working on improving my prayer life and God is still looking out for me.

Bryan Leeth: Because of the Brotherhood I experienced that weekend I am more equipped to share the Gospel and see the Lord in others so I can glorify God in my everyday life.

Andrew Somoza:
If you haven’t spent even 15 minutes with Pat to feel God’s existence on earth, I strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and arrange that same coffee meeting I had 2 years ago.  It’s changed my life.

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