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For over a year, our men's ministry has supported Men Abiding in Christ. As the men's group staff sponsor I was assured the group was a worthy cause, but I knew little of the ministry. Several months ago I was approached by Pat MacPherson of Men Abiding in Christ Ministries for a meeting. As Director of Programs for a large church, I am often asked for meetings with various third party ministry groups and generally decline out of hand due to limitations of time and resources to
engage them.

Because our men's ministry had a relationship with MAC Ministries I agreed to meet with Pat. That meeting and the vision Pat shared with me has done more to impact my ministry and our program
potential at Marietta First United Methodist than anything I can think of.

Pat has created a strategic, sustainable model for ministry which is very compelling and inviting. We recently concluded a Men's Retreat that Pat assisted in the planning and through it we were able to
identify a core need to coach the existing men in our ministry to welcome and engage new men on a one to one basis. This concept we feel will be the backbone of redeveloping and redefining what our men's ministry is about.

Pat's vision for Discipleship as the focus of our efforts with various methods and various outcomes has helped to revolutionize how we invite our ministry team leadership into thinking about and going about fulfilling the mission of our church. The concepts Pat has shared with us will help us provide a context for our ministry teams that we have been searching for over the past several years. We will transform not only our men's ministry, but all of our adult ministry areas because of Pat's leadership, vision, and willingness to stay with us through the implementation process.
I look forward to working with Pat and being in partnership with MAC Ministries in the time ahead.

Forrest Cate
Director of Program
Marietta FUMC
56 Whitlock Ave.
Marietta, Georgia 30064

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