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In March 2006, I received a phone call from one our members at First Presbyterian Church of Douglasville. Bob Snelling told me about a conversation he recently had during lunch with an old friend, Pat MacPherson. Bob said Pat works with men's ministries and during their conversation he told Pat about some men at our church who were trying to energize the Men's ministry. Bob said to expect a phone call from Pat and that he would be a big help in getting some programs started at First Pres.

Pat called me and we started conversation about my vision and plans were for the Men’s ministry at my church.  I told Pat about my background and how I got involved in Men’s ministry at First Pres.  I also told him about the past two years of doing various activities to get more men involved in the Men’s ministry that included breakfasts, cookouts and luncheons that met with very limited results with just the same men participating in our activities.  I told Pat that how one member of our committee, Scott McLain, and I went to a conference Woodstock First Baptist Church in February on starting a Men’s Fraternity.  I also told Pat about my experience at Cursillo which energized me to expand the Men’s ministry at our church.

Pat told me about himself and his ministry in helping lead men to Christ.  Pat related to me about his involvement in the Men’s ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Marietta and which lead him to work with men in the work place and elsewhere.   I did mention to him that our pastor, Keith Hill, had thought about a Men’s retreat this summer.  Pat said that he would help us organize one and share with us several ways to improve and expand our Men’s ministry.  We arranged a meeting with Pat at our church with started a revitalization of the Men’s ministry for FPC of Douglasville.  Pat has helped us develop Vision and Mission statements and organize and teach a Men’s study group this summer using the book Disciplines of a Godly Man.  With Pat’s guidance and planning, we are hosting our First Annual Men’s Retreat at Camp Cherokee and Men’s study groups on Friday mornings and Wednesday nights for the Fall. 

I talked to Bob Snelling recently and thanked him for sending Pat to us.  I told Bob that Pat was literally a “godsend”.  Pat has blessed us and this ministry with his guidance, leadership, organizational skills, and devotion to Jesus Christ.  Pat and his ministry has set this ministry on the path of bringing men as disciples for Jesus.  We thank God for blessing us with Pat.

Joe Cheak
Team Leader
Men’s Ministry Committee
First Presbyterian Church of Douglasville

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