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The end of December 2000 was a pretty grand time.  I was about to start a new job, my wife, Michelle, was doing well in her job and was about to be promoted in the US Navy.  We had just moved into a new home we had spent a lot of time building.  Then, disaster struck.

Michelle was on her way home from work when she had car problems.  Her car stopped on the freeway and a driver who had drunk too much for breakfast struck her from behind…  She was in the hospital, in a coma, and I didn’t know what to do.  But, God was watching out for us, and a church we didn’t even know came looking for us.

Michelle’s condition improved, by mine didn’t.  I couldn’t even think about forgiveness for the man who had hit her…. I wanted to hurt him.  My journey with God was at a complete standstill because I couldn’t get over my feelings of anger and resentment towards the driver.  I didn’t know how I could be a good Christian and have a relationship with God, and still feel this way.  I was lost and had nowhere to go.  But, God was watching out for me and he sent Pat, a faithful servant and a member of our new Church home, to my rescue.

After a lot of talking with Pat, about Michelle’s accident and my feelings about it, I realized something very important: It was not my place to judge the person who hit Michelle’s car.  The power to judge rests with God and His son, Jesus.  Once I was able to grasp that and hold it, I was able to forgive the driver.  With that huge burden gone from my shoulders, my journey with God could continue and I had Pat’s influence and guidance to thank for it.

I’m still making progress with the help of Pat and my relationship with him.  I give thanks for him almost daily, or at least I’m trying to.  You see, now that my relationship with the Lord can continue, and with Pat’s help, I’m working on improving my prayer life and God is still looking out for me.

Perry Lamb

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