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I am deeply grateful for Pat and MAC Ministry because he knows that an abiding relationship with Christ ought to be the heart of all that we do.  Many churches (and men) today are so caught up in strategies and techniques for growth (sacred and secular) that we lose sight of God in all of our striving and grasping. Pat not only helped our retreat planning team put the nuts and bolts together for our first ever men’s retreat; he helped them discover the power of lay ministry, the importance of relationships in discipleship, and the centrality of abiding with Christ. Pat brought an atmosphere of patience, discernment, and simplicity to what can easily become an overwhelming process. Our meetings were very meaningful times of sharing, dreaming, visioning, and praying. All throughout the “retreat planning” process we found ourselves being prepared spiritually to dream new dreams and to be open to what God is calling us to be and do in the future.

I am also grateful for a wonderfully successful first men’s retreat. Many of our men who knew one another for over 30 years learned new insights about one another. Others got to know persons 30 years removed from their own age! Our conversations about what it means to follow and abide in Christ, support one another, and journey together were very meaningful for everyone who attended. A few men had some of the most significant spiritual experiences of their lifetime at our retreat! Yet this wasn’t just a great event—it was the start of a movement. We are excited to see how God’s Spirit will continue to lead, renew and inspire the men of our church.

Pat has been a tremendous help to me and to our lay leaders—giving us some breathing space and helping us bring focus to our men’s ministry initiatives. We look forward to the fruits of our partnership and what can happen when men truly allow themselves to abide in Christ.

Rev. Matt Rich
Minister for Adult Spiritual Formation
Wieuca Road Baptist Church
Atlanta, GA



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