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Like most of us, we only occasionally stop and take time to reflect on our spiritual relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, I was not even occasionally stopping to spend those precious moments.  I was too busy chasing a quarterly sales number to really feel His presence.   How in the world would I squeeze in time for God given my daily routine of family, work, etc.?

I think it all started as a child when I thought attending mass on Sunday for 1 hour/week would make all right with the world ... because an hour is a lot of time.  Boy was I wrong! 
And now as an adult, invitations to speak with Pat about my religious experiences went unaccepted.  I made excuse after excuse to not meet Pat MacPherson for breakfast, coffee, or any other event.  What was I so afraid of?  Would my ignorance be exposed?  Was I too scared to look at that “man in the mirror”? 

It seems like just yesterday that Pat and I met for our first of many Tuesday morning cups of coffee.  Pat’s power, persistence, and persuasion have turned my life around in a few short years.  I can only smile as I write this column given my new relationship with God.  I am a better father, husband, and overall person and it’s a direct result of Pat MacPherson.  If you haven’t spent even 15 minutes with Pat to feel God’s existence on earth, I strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and arrange that same coffee meeting I had 2 years ago.  It’s changed my life.  Thanks Pat.

Andrew Somoza

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