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Gringo Mission Trip
May 2012

(If the video does not play, you can view it here on YouTube.)

On May 3, 12 people from Marietta, GA arrived in Monterrey, Mexico to host the 3rd Annual Soccer camp for the kids in Renacimiento (a community on the outskirts of the suburb of Garcia).
Four focus areas were planned for this particular trip:

Women’s Retreat:  a one-day, on-site retreat for the women/mothers of Renacimiento.   With 110+ women in attendance, the day revolved around a Bible study and message from a member of the Marietta team and arts & crafts (decorations that they made for their homes in honor of Mother’s Day).

Soccer Tournament: for 150+ kids that were transported via charter buses to a brand, new multimillion dollar soccer complex arranged by the Mayor of Garcia.   Each of the Marietta team members took 15 kids for their team.  At the end of the day, the kids were transported back home on the charter buses.

Painting Competition:  this competition was held for the young men (18-25 year olds) of Renacimiento.  After providing a theme and materials, each team of 5 was given the opportunity to create a painting that would be displayed in the Casa Samuel building.  The hope was to use this competition as a way to get this population more involved with Casa Samuel.

Handy-man services:  4 men stayed through the following week providing electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc. services to the people of Renacimiento.   This was exciting as these men were blessed to serve the best way they know how!!!

The second day of this mission trip was dedicated to hosting a Mother’s Day celebration for the entire community.  Meals were provided to the 400+ attendees and performances (along with arts & crafts gifts) were presented by the kids to the mothers.

As always, the relationships continued to grow between MAC Ministries and Renacimiento.   Pastor Eva continues to remind us that this annual event is one of the most important because the community is left wanting more time with us and the opportunity to hear more about our faith in Christ.

On May 6, the team of twelve returned to Marietta, however another team of four men arrived as we were leaving.  This team of men from Marietta stayed until Friday, May 11 providing “handy-man” services throughout the community.  Families were allowed to sign-up for work to be done by these men in their homes.   This was a huge success and the demand was great.   More “handy-man” trips are currently being planned for Renacimiento as another way to serve this community.

Thank you again for helping to enable MAC Ministries to host these trips.   It is important part of this ministry and continues to grow with each trip.  More trips are planned for July, October and January especially as ground-breaking for the new medical clinic is scheduled for this month of June.

Praise God for your partnership.
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