"Pat's power, persistence and persuasion have turned my life around in a few short years."

- Andrew Somoza

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Gringo Mission Trip - May 6-7, 2011

On Friday, May 6, we launched our first Women’s Focus and Soccer Mission trip. This was a trip designed to focus on the mother’s/women of Renacimiento but to do so, we had to plan a soccer camp for the kids to attend.

The day started on Friday, by Pat attending the local elementary school to ask permission from the Principal for the kids to attend the soccer camp. With great excitement, the Principal acknowledged our first soccer camp a year ago when few kids showed up for school that day and how encouraged he was to see such a strong turnout with such a warm and friendly team from the USA. We then hosted a short opening ceremony which was attended by many from Renacimiento and two Casa Samuel friends who work for the Governor of Nuevo Leon (Pastor Eva was quick to point out that they were not from the Mayor’s office but the Governor’s office!!!).

I am excited to share that close to 120 women attended the women’s focus and close to 125 children attended the soccer. The activities went all day on Friday and most of Saturday. Casa Samuel prepared and fed 300+ people lunches both days using funding from the FPC Mission budget. It was at lunch on Friday, that Pastor Eva from Casa Samuel shared the news that the 2 women from the Governor’s office upon leaving contacted the Mayor resulting in an overdue water permit for the Casa Samuel house and a 49 year lease extension on their property in Renacimiento. All of this with a request that FPC to participate in helping Casa Samuel build a permanent medical clinic on their property.

By the end of Saturday, it was exciting to see so many mother’s holding crafts and their OWN Bibles that they acquired from an FPC donation. Pastor Eva was even more excited that 10 of the women gave their lives to Christ during this mission trip. For the 10 of us who made the trip, it was another success in taking part in the Kingdom building that the Lord has us doing in Renacimiento. Thank you for your support and help in making this trip possible.


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